The TrueShapers High Compression, Curvaceous Advanced, Max fashion, Fat Burning Hourglass Waist Training Cinchers (Made out of 3 Structure D™ or 3 Plus D™) Instantly Give You Sumptuously Natural Curves Using Luxurious, Date Safe, Sensual Fabric that Burns Fat Without Latex Tire Smell, as Well as a Delicious Curves Plus Accelerates How Quickly You Shed Pounds as ComfortCore Moves with Your Every Motion.

  • Begs to Be Touched! ONLY Date Enhancing, Sweat-Blocking, Smell-Repelling, Breathably Lightweight, Sensually Soft, No-Odor Hourglass Trainers Feel Like Silky Lingerie So You Can Wear It Day and Night.
  • Instantly Reshapes You to Reveal Your Most Naturally Seductive, Sexy Hourglass Curves: Imagine stepping into a room and turning heads like never before at an event, the office, anywhere and everywhere!
  • Burns Away Unwanted Back, Side and Stomach Fat, Without Overheating: Therma- Boost Technology melts away your fat by increasing perspiration as breakthrough stay-fresh fabric wicks away sweat .
  • REINVENTED Waist Training Cinchers and workout Cinchers Max All-Day Comfort Technology Corrects Posture, Relieves Back Pain: Perfect for moms, the Flexible Internal Steel-Boning Provides Unbeatable Level 8/10 (High Compression Cinchers) or 10/10 (Ultra High Compression Cinchers) Compression that bends when you do.
  • Perfect-Fit, Easy-Clean, Stay-Cool, Hypoallergenic Design: Latex-free, soft interior lining with 3 hook'n'eye closure lines create perfect fit, plus keeps you feeling fresh, without irritating skin.
  • Wear our  Curvaceous Advanced Hourglass Waist Training Cinchers after surgery or post-partum, to protect and tighten your skin.   
  • Now you don’t to have to sculp that perfect hourglass body with years of hard work, because TrueShapers Fat Burning Hourglass Workout Waist Cinchers helps you look amazing this week, and see the results from your athletic efforts in half the time!  
  •   Imagine You, Burning Fat 2X Faster, Looking Perfectly Hourglass with the 3 Structure D™ and 3 Plus D™ MaxCore: Touchably silky exterior smooths, flexible internal boning trains your waist into an hourglass, thermal­core burns fat.
  •   ONLY Gym­Approved TrueShapers workout Cinchers: REINVENTED 3 Structure D™ and 3 Plus D™ Moves When You Move to for Heavenly Curves, plus latex­free core give you the ideal all­day fit, at the gym and beyond, and realize your weight loss goals up to 2 times faster .
  • Premium Quality Durable, Lightweight, Sweat-Hiding, Body-Odor Repelling Shape Trainersin Fucsia, Blue, Coral, Green, Black, Turquoise and our amazing seasonal prints breathe so you look sexy, stay fresh hiking, dancing, everywhere! 
  • Now you don’t to have to sculp that perfect hourglass body with years of hard work, because TrueShapers Fat Burning Hourglass Workout Waist Cinchers helps you look amazing this week, and see the results from your athletic efforts in half the time!  

Don't want to wait until you lose your bulges to discover just how curvaceously sexy you can look?

Reveal your most sensually seductive curves in just 30 seconds with our TrueShapers Curvaceous Advanced Hourglass Waist Training and workout Cinchers.

Unlike traditional waist cinchers, that use latex to provide ultra-compression—Our TrueShapers Curvaceous uniquely engineered structure provides you with Levels of 8/10 and 10/10 waist training, fat-burning power without making you overheat, feel sweaty, or smell like an old tire!

How Does this ReInvented TrueShapers Waist Cinching Technology Help You Lose Weight and measures Faster?

As the ONLY lightweight, ultra-comfortable, ultra-compression waist cinching technology with flexible 3 Structure D and 3 Plus D  steel boning that moves with you, provides level 10 reshaping, supports proper posture, and even helps you burn unwanted fat—because the REENGINEERED THERMABOOST technology goes to work the moment you slip your waist cincher on, raising your thermal body temperature, thus increasing inch-dissolving perspiration...

Our Advanced Fat Burning workout cinchers allow you to trains your waist into a perfect hourglass shape. It even shrinks your gut up to 1 or 2 size smaller, according to the compression level you chose to wear, all while making it look like you've spent every waking hour of your last month sweating it out at the gym—instantly!

Even through all that effortless extra fat-burning it gives you, it keeps you fresh, because our unique, lightweight, breathable fabric wicks away sweat, to keep you cool, clean and smelling sweet!

Discover why women who want REAL hourglass curves say this Advanced TrueShapers waist trainer gives you the perfect balance of comfort, compression, weight loss, waist retraining and instant hourglass curves, without awkward smells...

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