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A Wide Range Of Color and Prints Options.

Looking to stock your closet with wholesale shapewear? You can do so through our website, as our product comes in a different variety of colors and prints - one for every day of the week! Also, as a wholesale entrepreneur, you will want to give your clients a desirable selection of colors and prints to choose from. TrueShapers wholesale gives you the option to chose the colors/prints you want in your shipment. 


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Being one of the most reputable waist training brands all over America, TrueShapers represents top quality in all of it's products. With TrueShapers you will find a large variety in different fabrics, materials, silhouettes, and functionality - all with the same end goal - waist cinching. 

Our wholesale business will not only save you money, but it will save you time as well, Also, there is a low cost for U.S. shipping. Lastly, we offer tiered discounts for wholesales. 


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